How to make a web2phone copy

Do you already have an Apple developer account?
To be able to make web2phone copies, you need to do the following:

1. Complete apple developer profile here
2. Add at least one device ID to your Apple developer profile here
3. Go back to Snappii and click My apps –> at your app click web2phone copy
4. You will receive an installation link to view the app on your device.

How to Revoke certificate
To test your app using a web2phone feature you should do the following: Upload your certificate in .p12 format and enter a valid password
Revoke your distribution certificate and we will make you a new one when you click on Web2phone copy.* You can revoke it here Please choose the one that has iOS Distribution type
Go to Snappii editor and click Web2phone copy again. In this case, you don’t need to upload anything to us.
*If you don’t have active apps subscribed under this certificate you’d better choose the second way.

How to make the web2phone copy work for other devices
You need to change your existing provisioning profiles so that they included the newly added device id.
Here’s a link to do it Find the Ad Hoc profile you wish to modify, click on it, then click Edit button and put a check at the device IDs you wish to have the web2phone copy work for. Click Generate. Done.
After that you need to rebuild your app using web2phone copy.

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