Can I test my iPhone app before submitting it?

Prior to having purchased your subscription you can test your app on the iPhone/iPad by using the free Snappii Preview App located in the App stores.

Previewing/testing your app is as simple as downloading the Snappii Previewer App logging in with your Snappii credentials and you can then see and test the functionality of your app exactly as it will appear when released (except for white label).

Once you have purchased your subscription you can test the app on the iOs platform with the white label functionality (if applicable) using the Web2phone copy feature. This allows you to copy your app and install it directly on your device for testing purposes.

After saving any changes to your app within the “App Settings” portion of the Snappii platform, you will need to request a new Web2phone copy. When the new link is received, delete the old Web2phone copy from your device, install the new copy and your changes will appear.

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