I already have a mobile site, why should I have an app?

An App provides a more interactive and robust mobile user experience:-Allows you to send notifications directly to user phones which is 10 times more effective than email -Ability to have local databases on mobile devices -Enable users to take advantage of their built in camera -Gives users better performance because […]

What benefit can apps bring to my business?

Making your own apps can offer a richer, more immediate and interactive way to engage customers, as well as leveraging your existing infrastructure to streamline your business operations and provide a greater return on investment. Integrate with internal systems such as CRM tools to allow a host of functionalities, for […]

Why Snappii?

With the robust nature and flexibility of the Snappii platform, App creation is exponentially faster than traditional platforms, taking months of development time and compressing it to days. You can build cross-platform native apps that can run on all key mobile app platforms without having to rebuild for each platform […]

Who is Snappii designed for?

The Snappii mobile app builder is designed for anyone looking to build (non-gaming) mobile apps because no coding skills are required. If you are a reasonably technical user of the internet, a UI/UX person, wanting to go beyond wireframes and create functional prototypes, or a programmer, even without having had […]

What is Snappii?

Snappii is an online mobile app building platform that allows individuals and companies of any size to easily and quickly make custom apps for their business without requiring any mobile programming skills. The Snappii platform gives you the ability for rapidly building apps for Android and iOS platforms without writing […]