What is Widgets?

Widgets are tabs and elements from the Editor created by Snappii users with predefined content. Users have the ability to save their tabs and elements with content as widgets that they can later use in their other apps. Users can suggest adding widgets they treat as extremely useful for every Snappii user to access and utilize in their apps. Users can create as many widgets as they wish For example, you can create a tab with elements as call, email, contact form that you later wish to use in other apps. Save this tab as widget and insert it in another app! Another example, you are using database in your app, have multilevel lists that you’d like to use in your other apps. Save this as a widget and add to your next app, no need to recreate that functionality from scratch anymore! Creating widgets allows to save time and development work, speeds up app making process significantly. Widgets are saved under Widgets tab in the Snappii Editor.

Read more in our User manual here

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