What does the term Resubmit mean?

Resubmit is a process which is needed to change information about your app in the Apple App Store. It usually takes several days depending on the complexity of the changes you make. Before you hit “resubmit” make sure that is what you need to do, sometimes using the “publish” feature […]

What is User Management?

User management option will help you specify the groups of users who will be able to use your app, e.g. setting various levels of access to an app. Find this button in the left part of editor menu. By default, there are the following types of users: anonymous, logged in […]

Bar Codes

To scan bar codes drag and drop Universal Form tab/button and add Bar Code input from Fields section. You can change the size of the input. Save the app. When previewing the app on a device tap on the bar code sign and scan the bar code you need. Once […]

What is a QR code coupon?

You can use QR code as coupon. A QR code coupon is a special type of QR code that you can use in your app to give your customers special discounts or rewards. The QR code coupon is only scannable from your app. Your app will track the number of […]

QR Code Tab/Button

To start making QR code click on “QR codes” at the right top corner. Fill in the form with data depending on the type of QR code you want to create. The required fields are marked with red. In a drop-down menu choose the type you would like to be […]

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a specialized type of bar code that allows you to encode information that can be read by a scanner app running on a mobile device. The QR stands for “quick response” because they allow the end user to quickly capture information you want to share. Much […]